Diary Screaming Out Loud

I want to change the world and peoples' perspective of it. First year student in Nursing School. I am an artist. I am a dreamer. I am the Venus. I am The ARTPOPist. I assign ART to things that are popular. I place new MEANING on that which already exists.


"I am so proud that you have given birth to one of the most authentic fanbases on the fucking planet."


Me: my son is so tiny i must have the tiniest son in the world

Doctor: this is a regular sized baby, i don’t think you understand how babies work

Me: I love my tiny son

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Anonymous: With an attitude like yours I doubt you will ever be able to have a real relationship. I don't think you even have the capacity to like or care about anyone. I feel sorry for whoever you are with right now because it will probably be a shock when they realize you have been pretending to like them this entire time. I was being nice and giving you my advice, now I am just hoping the person you are with sees this and runs while they can.

Whatever 💁😁 you may move along now!

Anonymous: There is no need to get an attitude with me. I'm just doing you a favor by letting you know that any "relationship" that starts on tumblr is doomed to fail. You are wasting your time. If that person died today I know for a fact that you wouldn't even shed a tear because this thing you have with them is just an allusion. Tumblr is a site for flings. Go find something real. I'm just helping you.

Well I didn’t ask for your help 💁 when I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it. Otherwise, sit the fuck down.

Anonymous: i am sorry you are so upset. just try to stay positive. you are never worthless

Thank you

Anonymous: so is your crush like allowed to kiss you whenever they want? or are you not really there yet? are they an awkward or bad kisser?

They are, and a VERY good kisser

It’s been a while since I laid in bed and cried so hard that my eyes and throat and chest hurt, but tonight I can’t help it.

20. October 2014

I’m so stressed and scared, I just want to feel good enough and to feel like I’m smart enough and belong in this program. I feel so inadequate next to all of these people that are doing so well while I struggle and fight just to barely make it. I feel so worthless






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